Man threatens to ‘slit throat’ of Jewish man who was earlier abused on Tube

Sickening footage shows a man threaten to slit the throat of a Jewish passenger on a London bus last night – less than an hour after he had faced antisemitic abuse from another group.

Clips shared on social media show the violent abuse directed at the man – with an audio recording revealing a thug threatening to “shank” and “slit his throat”.

In separate incident shortly before the abuse on a bus, a young man on a London Underground escalator is shown chanting: “We f hate the Jews.”

When another person tells him to “shut the f*** up”, he responds: “We’ve got a Jew behind us.”

Police are believed to be investigating, and the footage has been widely shared on social media.

The victim’s brother posted on Twitter : “My brother [who is visibly Jewish] was attacked on the 113 bus, heading in direction of Oxford Circus, London at 11:33PM and threatened to “slit his throat for Palestine”.

“Will anything be done about this rampant antisemitism.”

In an audio file the victim’s brother shared on Twitter, a man can be heard referencing Palestine and saying: “I will f*** beat the s out of you.”

He then repeats twice: “I will slit your throat for Palestine.”

The victim is heard calmly saying that he will call the police, and the abusive man was recorded asking the bus driver to get off the bus.

The audio recording was shared alongside a video showing a man wearing shorts and a t-shirt exiting the bus.

He can be heard ranting to a bus driver: “For his safety, he’s f* Jewish.”

After disembarking, he bangs on the glass door of the bus shouting abuse and repeating: “Free Palestine.”

The victim’s brother said it was the second time his sibling had endured antisemitic abuse yesterday evening on public transport.

Less than an hour earlier, the man had been targeted while using the tube.

Posting on Twitter, the victim’s brother wrote: “How proud I am to be English tonight where someone visibly jewish can not use public transport without hearing “I f hate the jews” So depressing…”

Responding to the video on Twitter, the Met’s Chief Superintendent Rory Smith wrote: “This is awful and I’m sorry he had to experience this. I’ve tagged @MetCC and if you could DM them so that this can be fully investigated please?

“This sort of behaviour absolutely will not be tolerated.”

Transport for London also responded, writing: “I am really sorry to hear that this has happened on a London Bus.

“So that this can be looked into, please ask your brother to contact the Metropolitan police service as soon as possible.”